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  • Maggie the Talented Mouse


    Maggie the Mouse is in a dilemma because her teacher, Mrs. Ratimore, has invited the children in her class to share a special talent they have with their classmates, and Maggie has no talent at all. Soft cover.

  • Mugambi’s Journey


    Your child will be totally captivated by this story about a young cheetah cub who must brave the dangers of the Serengeti Plains with his two young sisters to find their lost mother. A great fiction book with vivid illustrations, this tale is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 8. Hardcover.

  • Frenemies for Life


    An interesting nonfiction tale about the fastest land animal, the cheetah, and how two Anatolian shepherd dogs at the Columbus Zoo are spreading the word about saving these magnificent creatures in the wild. Hardcover.

  • Cheetahs


    A mother cheetah teaches her babies as they roam the grasslands of Africa. Soft cover.

  • Snow Leopards


    The snow leopard’s tail is as long as its body. Learn more intriguing facts about these elusive animals. Soft cover.

  • Giraffes


    Follow a mother and her newborn through a day, to learn many facts about giraffes. Soft cover.

  • Camels


    Discover how Dromedary camels are well-equipped for living in the desert. Soft Cover.

  • Hawks


    Learn many facts about these birds of prey, including how they care for their young. Soft cover.

  • Kangaroos


    Visit the dry grasslands of Australia and observe a mob of kangaroos. Soft cover.

  • Owls


    The baby owls are protected by their alert parents who guard the nest. Learn facts about these nocturnal animals in this short episode. Soft cover.

  • Scarlet Macaws


    Visit the Amazon rain forest to learn about these large parrots and their life in the tree canopy. Soft cover.

  • Where Did Howdy Go?


    Dr. Becker coauthored this heart-rending story of his mother’s ten-year struggle to care for her husband, Howdy, as he slowly, and painfully, loses his battle with Alzheimer’s disease.
    Soft Cover.