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  • Brandon Bear

  • Cheetahs


    A mother cheetah teaches her babies as they roam the grasslands of Africa. Soft cover.

  • Snow Leopards


    The snow leopard’s tail is as long as its body. Learn more intriguing facts about these elusive animals. Soft cover.

  • Giraffes


    Follow a mother and her newborn through a day, to learn many facts about giraffes. Soft cover.

  • Camels


    Discover how Dromedary camels are well-equipped for living in the desert. Soft Cover.

  • Hawks


    Learn many facts about these birds of prey, including how they care for their young. Soft cover.

  • Kangaroos


    Visit the dry grasslands of Australia and observe a mob of kangaroos. Soft cover.

  • Owls


    The baby owls are protected by their alert parents who guard the nest. Learn facts about these nocturnal animals in this short episode. Soft cover.

  • Scarlet Macaws


    Visit the Amazon rain forest to learn about these large parrots and their life in the tree canopy. Soft cover.