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Wildlife Books for Individuals Young and Old

Take yourself, and your whole family, on an amazing journey of discovery into the animal kingdom with one of the many wildlife books offered for sale by Adventures in Writing with Dr. John Becker. Dr. Becker is an award winning author of fiction and nonfiction books for individuals of all ages.

Maggie The Talented Mouse

Maggie the Talented Mouse - NEW!

Maggie the Mouse is in a dilemma because her teacher, Mrs. Ratimore, has invited the children in her class to share a special talent they have with their classmates, and Maggie has no talent at all. She can't sing, or juggle, or write poetry, like some of her friends, so she sets out to seek the help of the animals of the forest to teach her a special talent they have. But Maggie soon learns that a mouse can never fly like an owl, or swim like a beaver, or even build a home like an ant, but along the way she finds that helping others to get along is a special talent, too, and one that she's more than happy to share.

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Mugambi's Journey

Mugambi's Journey

Your child will be totally captivated by this story about a young cheetah cub who must brave the dangers of the Serengeti Plains with his two young sisters to find their lost mother. A great fiction book with vivid illustrations, this tale is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 8.

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Wild Cats Book


Wild Cats Past & Present

Learn everything there is to know about wild cats currently roaming the earth and those long extinct in this nonfiction award winning book. Winner of the VOYA award for middle school non-fiction children's books, Science Books and Films Best Books Award. Every page contains detailed information about wild cats, including their current conservation status and efforts to save them from extinction.

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Frenemies For Life Book

Frenemies for Life

An interesting nonfiction tale about the fastest land animal, the cheetah, and how two Anatolian shepherd dogs at the Columbus Zoo are spreading the word about saving these magnificent creatures in the wild. From beginning to end, this book is full of educational information. This book reached #1 on's best selling list of books for children. Foreword to the book written by Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, Jack Hanna.

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Children's Early Reader Books

Dr. Becker has written eight nonfiction books about wildlife for children in the earliest stages of reading development. These Seedling nonfiction children's books, all published by Continental Press, include the following:

• Cheetahs
• Hawks
• Snow Leopards
• Kangaroos
• Camels
• Owls
• Giraffes
• Scarlet Macaws

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Award winning children's author Dr. John Becker has written fiction and nonfiction books offered for sale through Adventures in Writing with Dr. John Becker. Read a few of the reviews and feedback offered by some of the individuals who have been touched by his tales.

Frenemies For Life
"This is a great little book with one- or two-page chapters and fabulous photography. It's the kind of nonfiction book a 3rd-5th grader could read cover to cover. We are always on the look-out for nonfiction our students can READ and not just BROWSE."

Mugambi's Journey
"Between the Ages of 2 and 8 - A cheetah cub snuggles with his sisters in their mother's fur, seeking comfort and safety during a storm. In the morning, their mother takes them on a journey; she has picked up the scent of lions, which have already killed two of her cubs. Adventure awaits as the big cats cross the Serengeti Plain. The mother is separated from her offspring when she attempts to drive two hunting lionesses away from them. Children will sense the imminent danger as the young cheetahs find themselves alone at nightfall. Mugambi stands watch, and when he hears a sound, he bares his teeth. But all is well, for breaking through the grass was the shadowy, yet familiar figure of their mother. The tale is sure to spark youngsters' curiosity, making the facts at the end very useful. The brown, blue, and gray savanna colors used in the realistic illustrations breathe life into the story."
- Tracy B., Durham Public Schools, NC

"Mugambi (African for "leader") is a 6 week old cheetah cub who safely leads his sisters through the dangerous Serengeti Plains to find their mother. In this delightful story, written by Dr. John Becker and illustrated by Mark Clapsadle, an array of African animals is wonderfully visualized. This hardcover book is written for 3-8 year olds, and would make a wonderful Christmas present. Dr. Becker also has written a series of books on animals, such as the bald eagle, who have made comebacks from near extinction. These hardbound books are for older children."
- Betty G.