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Enjoy Tales and School/Library Visits from This Delightful Children's Author

Indulge in a great story from renowned children's author Dr. John Becker.  Because Dr. Becker worked with Jack Hanna at the Columbus Zoo, all 26 of his books for children are about wildlife. At Adventures in Writing with Dr. John Becker, we offer nonfiction and fiction books for sale nationwide by the author. From a story about brave cheetah cubs striving to survive after being separated from their mother, to detailed information about all the different wild cat species, Dr. Becker pens engaging tales for children and individuals of all ages to read. He is also available to present author visit and nonfiction writing workshop programs at schools and libraries. Whatever book you choose from our wide selection, we are sure you are going to love it.

Enjoy a Great Book and then Invite the Author to Your School
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Enjoy an Educational and Entertaining Program

"Dr. Becker’s Author Visit and Writer’s Workshop is the highlight of our school year! Dr. Becker has been a staple here at Wheelersburg Elementary for the past 19 consecutive years! Students come into First Grade knowing they are going to get to finally meet him. We even have students who have already graduated who still talk about Dr. Becker’s visit.

Dr. Becker visits kids
In order to prepare for his visit, our first graders do online research of African animals using InfOhio to establish background knowledge and then we have them write a report. We also ask for students to wear safari or animal print clothing, because Dr. Becker will be taking us with him on safari! Dr. Becker has a magical way of getting students engaged and excited about writing. He tells about his journey to becoming an author and how he finds inspiration for his stories. We give students an opportunity to purchase his wonderful books (Mugambi’s Journey and Frenemies for Life are among our favorites). At the end of the day, we hold a book signing for all those who purchased one of his books. Dr. Becker Day is AMAZING, and his visit leaves a lasting impression. Our students are always eager to get their stories down on paper for days, weeks, and even months after his visit! Oops! I almost forgot he sometimes works alongside the Columbus Zoo to bring along the stars of many of his books…cheetahs!"

— Elizabeth Conn and Wheelersburg Elementary School First Grade teachers


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the phone number below or the comment section on the right. Also use the form on the right to indicate an interest in scheduling a program with Dr. Becker. We look forward to hearing from you.

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